Stacie Halas aka Tiffany Six

Stacie Halas Porn

DogFart Productions presents Stacie Halas (aka Tiffany Six) starring with The Minion. These images were taken, with permission from TheMinion.comTM

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These are some of the first porn pictures that Tiffany Six (Stacie Halas) ever took. He porn career began with DogFart's Infamous These shots were taken in the backyard of The Minion. If you want to see the full 30 minutes movie, click the button below. This middle school teacher was no match for The Minion. After appearing in this video Tiffany Six never returned to our stufios. Once you watch the video, you'll know why.

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It's been said the these pictures are the reason Stacie Halas lost her job. These are some of the images that her co-workers and students found that started the whirlwind of press. Shortly after these were released Stacie was fired from her job as a middle school science teacher. She has already appealed the decision, but it did not hold up in court. Will Stacie be returning to the porn industry in the coming months? Stay tuned, we are in contact with Stacie at this moment working out a deal for her to return.

WARNING: This is what Stacie Halas's co-workers and students saw!

These pictures are from the video the press can't show you. It's completely uncensored and uncut. It's the original movie with Tiffany Six (Stacie Halas) and The Minion. Watch as this petite school teacher does the unthinkable to this 400lb Minion. The video is Blu-Ray quality, and available as streaming, or direct download.

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